This estate at 488 meters above sea level in San Vicente de la Sonsierra has a soil that shows a special character in which sedimentary rocks abound on the surface and barely a meter deep, the very degraded limestone rock appears over where the roots of the old Tempranillo vineyards settle.
Vines in Puerto Rubio are over 70 years old and for us, it is one of the finest vineyards in La Rioja.
Puerto Rubio is Tempranillo and Viura from very old clones.

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DOC Rioja

Tempranillo from our estate Puerto Rubio, “Viñedo Singular de la Rioja” , located in the village of San Vicente in the Sonsierra Riojana.

Tall head-pruned vineyard between 50 & 60 years-old in an altitude of 488 metres over the sea level.

Soils on the slopes of calcareous gravels with degradative components and of sedimentary origin, on the surface and with the presence of the bedrock just one meter deep, highly degraded. These types of soils offer us long-aged, fresh, volume and structured wines.

100% Tempranillo wine, selection of old clones from the area.

Harvest in boxes of 18 kg. which are cooled at 5ºC for 12 hours before being processed by sorting table. Made with 40% whole grape selected and crushed in a traditional way. The rest destemmed and crushed. The grapes ferment with the vineyard’s own yeasts. The work with the cap of skins is carried out only by punching, without pumps. Malolactic fermentation in a 4000-liter oak vat.

18 months in 2000-liter French oak barrels and subsequent assembly in 4000-liter conical wooden barrel.

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"Fresh, structured and complex, this wine is very aromatic, with silky texture and mineral notes. It is vertical and polished on the palate.”

Raúl Tamayo, Proelio Oenologist

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